Plan 9 Foundation

standing on the shoulders of giants

We exist to promote and support continued research into lightweight distributed systems based on the ideas presented in the Plan 9 operating system and related technologies.

What is the Foundation?

The Plan 9 Foundation, an Oregon nonprofit corporation, maintains the archives of the Plan 9 operating system software and supports future development by following the practice and processes set forth by the original authors. We strive to continue the work started at Bell Labs in the 1980s. The approach used to model and build distributed systems at that time continues to influence systems to this day.

The Plan 9 Foundation currently works towards these goals through:

  • The organization of an annual conference, The International Workshop on Plan 9, and the selection of program committees that align with these goals;
  • Hosting the Plan 9 historical materials including distributions and mirrors of the Bell Labs Plan 9 web sites
  • Organizing applications to Google Summer Of Code ( more information )
  • Encouraging one-off mentorship and internships and providing introductions between students, community members, and researchers
  • Providing modest financial support for Plan 9 hackathons
  • Acquiring hardware and documentation to support ports and drivers
  • The Foundation maintains an archive of the Plan 9 releases in the interest of understanding the history of the Plan 9 Operating System and its related technologies.


    The sources for the Plan 9 operating system can be found at where new releases will be maintained into the future.